Multani Lodharasava (450ml, Pack of 2)


Lodhrasav It is an excellent combination of Lohabhasma with other essential herbs. Lodhrasav is indicated for treatment of Iron deficiency anaemia. While Lohabhasma rapidly improves Haemoglobin level, trikatu ensures better absorption & assimilation. It does not cause Gastrointetinal disturbance or Constipation. It also possess anthelmintic propertyby virtue of Embelia ribes and Plumbago zeylanica. It ensures constant and stable rise in haemoglobin. It is 100% Ayurvedic and safe. REFERENCE : – Sharangdhar Samhita indications:-Iron deficiency anaemia, Jaundice, Chronic fever. Dosage:- You can take about 12-24ml orally with an equal amount of water twice a day, after meals.

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