Dhootapapeshwar Ekangaveer Ras (60tab)


 This is very useful in managing liver disorders, gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) disorders, old age diseases, Leucoderma, cardiac problems and various other free radical mediated disorders, either alone or as herbo-mineral compositions.This herbal compound provides a natural and safe support system for impaired gastric function associated with gaseous distension. This is a safe digestive, carminative, anti-flatulent and is effective in dyspepsia. It improves gastric function. The pill is promoted as a natural appetizer and it is one of the best agents as weight loss formula that also may check food cravings. Highlighted to be a digestive tonic for the assimilation of other foods in the body, this is considered to assist weight loss by maximizing metabolism along with balancing blood-glucose to decrease food cravings.This is used to tone up gastric and respiratory function, but also to be useful in cases of obesity, weak digestion, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, hypothyroid, slow metabolism, congestion, cough, and various inflammatory conditions.

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