Baidyanath Ayurved Zocamo Cough & Cold Syrup (100ml, Pack of 2)


Shree Baidyanath Zocamo is an ayurvedic cough and cold syrup, enriched with 11 ayurvedic herbs, which individually are known for their uses in cough, fever and other such related conditions. In Baidyanath Zocamo, ayurvedic herbs like Mulethi, Gulbanpsa are rich in properties are effective in conditions like cough, cold, body ache, fever, expels phlegm in lungs, were as another ingredient Lisoda is known for it’s uses in fever, diarrhea, intestinal worms and wounds. Baidyanath Zocamo Cough Syrup is rich with properties like Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant. It’s helps in balancing Vata Dosha and useful in cough, cold, Running Nose and Fever.

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